Lodge Committees

Lodge Committees 2019-2020

Standing Committees 2019-2020

Committee Members
Committee of General Purposes W.Bro. Gord Lewis, PM’s, Officers, Chairmen and Members in good standing
Finance Committee W.Bro. Ron Cooke, WM, Secretary, Wardens, V.W.Bros. Lambie and Chaiban
Social Committee W.Bro. Mitri Hanna, Stewards and Designated Members
Masonic Education Committee

W.Bro. Anwar Ibrahimand W.Bro. Phil Conquer

Sick, Visiting & Benevolence Committee W.Bro. Ron Cooke and Bro. Chris Horsup
Reception Committee W.Bro. Dan Beaudoin and W.Bro. Sam Himyary
Candidate Mentoring R.W.Bro. Les Richardson
Ritual R.W.Bro. Gary Gossling
Prompter W.Bro. Stan Alward


Sub-Committees & Lodge Representatives 2019-2020

Committee Members
Friend to Friend Bro. Mathieu Ostiguy and Bro. Patrick Halcro
Brother to Brother

Bro. Chris Horsup and Bro. Adoni Farah


V.W.Bro. John Lambie and Bro. Adoni Farah

By-Laws W.Bro. Phil Conquer and V.W.Bro. John Lambie

V.W.Bro. George Chaibanand V.W.Bro. Sandy Stewart

Ottawa Masonic Corp. W.Bro. Abraham Garcia and W.Bro. Ron Cooke
Masonic Hall Corp. W.Bro. Dan Beaudoin and R.W.Bro. Gary Gossling
Ottawa Masonic Assoc.

W.Bro. Dale Barbara and W.Bro. Mitri Hanna

Ottawa M. Board of Relief W.Bro. Sam Himyary and W.Bro. Gord Lewis
Board of Trustees V. W. Bro. George Chaiban, V. W. Bro. Sandy Stewart, W. Bro. Gordon Lewis
Library & Archives W. Bro. Anwar Ibrahim
Website Administration W. Bro. Sam Himyary and Bro. Radivoje Bradic

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Regular Meetings
2nd Tuesday of each month,
except June, July and August.

Ottawa Masonic Centre, 
2140 Walkley Road, 
Ottawa, ON K1G 3V3


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